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Sad but Good News

Sighing hard.. I lost my baby... As of 10:45 am my youngest son got on the bus heading for college in Kansas.. I know most people will say it empty nest syndrome but for me it like losing the last bit of sanity I had.. Because we were as close as any mother and son can be in this generation.. with all it techo crap. I mean for chilly sake we even like the same t.v shows well with his not like CSI Miami but he said the show had turn into one big soap opera. But I digress on that subject but we had found one show in his words "KICK ASS" Leverage. He love the characters and the cons. So who can I watched it with now.

So for all my friends out here in LJ Land... I might needs some cheering up so if anyone wants to send me some good Leverage or CSI fanfiction send me a comment and I will reply back promptly.



It's A Glorious Day

Why you asked? Because after ending days of getting up early in the morning, making sure clothes are matching and giving money for Lunches that went from 45 cents to $ 3.00 and endless, endless hours of saying HAVE YOU DONE YOUR HOMEWORK.. and the reply being I'm doing it now. My son has graduate from High School with a 3.9 GPA and honors for finishing up Business classes. He walked down the aisle with a smile on his face and doing a dance called the Stanking Leg.. hey kids dances of today. (LOL) My son Aaron got his diploma and all this family was there to witness this joyous occasion.. So I say to my son I am proud of you and hope that you carried the same kind of diecation to your school work at Witchia University in Kansas that you did here in..


Checking In

Well it's been a long time since i updated this journal but i guess because have been really busy for me. I found out that in 7 months i will be a grand mother I am so stoked about it.. can' wait to spoiled her... I trying to convince if it a boy name him Christopher or Rory i guess you can guess why. And well in other news I have been pulling double shifts at my job which is tiresome.. don't get me wrong the money is good but i just can't enough sleep. Let see I love the premire of all the shows I watch especially CSI I can't believe i actually cried at the funeral for Warrick Brown. it was so fitting to such a beloved character. Well that is all for right now i guess i update a little bit about more in when the holidays are almost over .

Happy To Help

I just to say that I have finished all the pre-employment stuff for the job that I will start on Feb, 11. I'm so happy that I will get to do some good in my community working with the Adults that have Special Needs.. it's nothing like doing for those who can do for themselves.. So YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!

Fan Art

Since I can't write fan fiction I decided to do some Wallpapers.. I have 3 to for the theme of Shirt. I created one wallpaper with my other favorite character of Speed (Chris O'Brien) and the others are just various characters he has played. I hope you like

What Animal I am

What Is Your Animal Personality?


What Do You Have To Say? - Warning:

If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

Update On Me

It's been a long long time since I posted in here so here is a complete update as to what has been happening in my life.

1: My son just gradutated from High School he is Special Need so that is a big accomplishment for him.. and starting the second week in July he will be working for the Parks and Recreational department where I live.

2: I just became a great aunt to a nephew his name is Mikah Antwon Ruffin he is such a cutie

3: I am waiting to hear back from a company that I just had a job interview with so all my friends keep your fingers cross

4: My youngest son is on his way to be a Junior in his High School and he pass Trignomentry with a 95 grade point average for this semster.

That is about it and I am working a few stories with my Mate Aiden and Alexx so look for maybe those soon.

Mar. 19th, 2007

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Some Wallpapers

I was playing around with Photoshop and decided to see what I can do with it and here is the end results.



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